Après Events – A Wedding Photographer That’s Saving Animal’s Lives

Jackson Hole Wedding Photographer With A Heart

Anyone who is married, or even those with an upcoming wedding date, are well aware of how important it is to hire a wedding photography company that has the talent and passion needed to capture the personalities of everyone at the event as well as all of the moments that make the day so special.

Photo by Après Events

Après Events is a Jackson Hole wedding photography company that has been satisfying their clients for nearly a decade. Their high level of skill provides pictures and videos that help newlyweds relive the most important day of their lives time and time again.

Videography & Photography Team

When it comes to Wyoming wedding photographers, there’s no better option than the team from Après Events. Their years of experience have provided them with the skills they need to become a high-end photography/videography company. At this time, most of their shoots are done locally in the Jackson Hole WY area, by they have plans on expanding their photography services in the near future. Soon, destination weddings and other events will become a real possibility. This is great news for those who live outside of the Jackson Wyoming.

Photo by Après Events

Giving Back To A Local Animal Shelter

However, wedding photography isn’t the only thing that this incredible team of professionals bring to the table. Après Events recently teamed up with a company named Lens and Leash. The main goal behind this was to capture the personalities and characteristics of animals in shelters that are looking for their forever homes.

Exposure is key when it comes to limiting the number of animals currently confined within shelters. Most people know that there are plenty of shelters that are at capacity, but the impact becomes much stronger once a person has a chance to see the animals looking for a home.

Photo by Après Events

While the shoot Après Events did with Lens and Leash may have been outside of their normal scope of practice, the results were absolutely incredible! The same talent that is needed to capture the highlights of an important event such as a wedding can be applied to capturing stunning images of animals in need that can quickly capture the hearts of anyone that views them.

Top of the line cameras, as well as inspiration from local and worldwide artists gives their images and videos a feel like no other. Simply put, it’s hard to set your eyes upon their work and not find yourself in awe.

Photo by Après Events

Coming from a family of veterinarians, Karissa from Après Events is no stranger to showing compassion to animals in need. Her father even used to perform pro bono surgeries for animals. Believe it or not, they would even welcome animals into their home that needed extra care and attention. It’s no surprise with this upbringing that Karissa is passionate about helping animals of all kinds find the home they deserve so deeply.

Karissa Akin of Après Events

Wedding Photography Services In Jackson WY And Worldwide

The world needs more people that are willing to do their part to give back and help those in need, whether they be animals or humans. Après Events is certainly doing their part by helping animals find homes while providing top-notch wedding photography services that never disappoint.

Photo by Après Events

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